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There are two ways of exerting one’s strength:

One is pushing down…
the other is pulling up.


Traditional approaches to solving and managing complex issues have outgrown their usefulness and are no longer effective in today’s environment. Morris & Associates delivers the kind of cutting edge and out of the box approaches that relies on empowerment techniques that guarantee organizational success.

Morris & Associates brings the type of visionary leadership designed to ensure effective and results-based transformation for people within your organization, institution and/or community.  

Executive coaching
Senior Administrative Leaders


  • Identify goals and priorities towards the development of a strategic platform

  • Develop enhanced skills and techniques for gaining clarity of issues

  • Develop techniques for speaking truth to power

Executive On-Boarding
Senior Administrative Leaders


  • Support the integration of new leaders into the organization

  • Accelerate impact and development during first 12-months

  • Align individual, unit, and organizational goals

360 Performance Reviews
Senior Administrative Leaders


  • Assess leadership performance

  • Identify strengths and areas for development

  • Identify transformative actions for improvement

Retreat Facilitation 
Leadership Teams


  • Facilitate the ability for teams to collectively think strategically

  • Assist teams in assessing strengths and weaknesses

  • Help teams think creatively to achieve organizational effectiveness

Assembling & Sustaining Exceptional Leadership Teams

  • Enhance building of exceptional leadership teams

  • Increase the likelihood of long-lasting impact

  • Develop platform for sustained success of organizational goals

Strategy Planning & Engagement

  • Develop an effective communication plan and vision of the future

  • Develop a collaborative style with diverse constituent groups

  • Develop strategic decision-making and empowerment techniques

Development / Enhancement of Collective Partnerships

  • Develop appropriate platforms to ensure collaborative partnerships

  • Ensure partnerships are equitable, transparent, and deliverable

  • Develop assessment tools to measure goals

Compliance Assessment
& Management


  • Assess organizational guidelines to support ethical environments

  • Assess risk to ensure responsibility and accountability

  • Review compliance and regulatory obligations

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