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Senior Associate


Ann Briggs Addo is a Senior Associate with Morris & Associates, a consulting group with over 35 years of leadership and management experience in both the private and public sector resulting in institutional transformation and success. 


Morris & Associates provides leadership advising, executive coaching, assessment, leadership development, and expert analysis of complex issues within public and private sector organizations, specializing in institutions of higher education and those organizations serving a public mission. 


Ann Briggs Addo served in a variety of management and leadership positions for over 30 years, much of this time spent at the University of California.  For most of her 27-year career at UC Ann served as a strategist and principal advisor to the university’s senior executives, gaining the reputation as an empathetic and capable leader of high integrity who is fair, candid, and a problem solver.  Moreover, Ann has been recognized consistently for her commitment to diversity and to the leadership development and empowerment of colleagues at all levels. 


Before her retirement from UC in 2019, Ann served most recently as a member of UC San Diego Executive Vice Chancellor’s (EVC) cabinet, holding the position of Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff, with authority to represent the EVC to the campus on the plethora of student life, academic affairs and other matters in the EVC’s portfolio.    


Ann first joined the University of California in 1992 and served the San Diego campus in a number of roles, including Capital Planning’s Business Manager, Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff in the Resource Management & Planning division and Interim Associate Chancellor.  In 2008 Ann was recruited to the position of Assistant Vice Chancellor & Chief of Staff for Health Affairs at the UC Irvine campus before returning to San Diego.  In all her roles Ann provided strategic direction and project management support for various campus-level initiatives and on diverse campus issues and programs that included long range planning, resource planning/management strategy, diversity and inclusion, organizational development, institutional conflicts of interest, health affairs operations and crisis management and communications.    


Before coming to the University Ann worked with the economic development division of the United Nations (Latin America and the Caribbean) and as a restaurant manager.  


Ann holds a Master of Business Administration from San Diego State University and received a B.S. in business administration from Indiana University Bloomington.  She is a past honoree of San Diego’s YWCA Tribute to Women & Industry Awards (TWIN) awards and is a graduate of the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce LEAD San Diego program.  Ann has a heart for mentoring and/or sponsoring young people to become leaders, and has served on several community boards of organizations dedicated to promoting literacy, creativity, and communication skills for middle and high school students, and committed to providing low interest business loans to some of the world’s poorest women.  

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