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OUR approach

Morris & Associates provides leadership advising, coaching, assessment, leadership development and expert analysis of complex issues within public and private organizations. Morris & Associates specializes in institutions of higher education and those organizations serving a public mission.

of collective partnerships

Strengthen and hone leadership skills in ever-changing environments. Assess and guide the development of decisive decision-making, including the enhancement of analytical, communication, and leadership skills needed for complex political, social, corporate and educational landscapes of the 21st century.

Assessing and guiding the development of emotional intelligence as a critical skill set.

of emotional inTelligence

Develop skills and appropriate platforms to ensure that collaborative partnerships are equitable, transparent and deliverable.

of collective partnerships

assessment & management

Provide assessment and guidance in the creation and promotion of ethical environments towards the management of risk within a responsible and accountable organization to maintain compliance with legal and regulatory obligations.

Enhance the opportunity for building and sustaining exceptional leadership teams comprised of highly competent and diverse individuals that can increase the likelihood of long-lasting impact and sustained success on mutually agreed upon institutional goals.

assembling of
effective leadership teams

Develop quick responses to crisis management situations to mitigate and recover from negative events that could threaten the image and future viability of organizational or institutional success.

crisis management

strategy engagement

Provide tools for the development of leaders and strategic approaches to inspire commitment, hope, and participation of both internal and external constituents.

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