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President & CEO

Linda Morris Williams

Linda is a seasoned executive leader with over 35 years of extensive experience and background as a C Suite administrator, strategist, trusted advisor, and compliance specialist. Linda has earned a reputation as a highly capable and personable leader whose experience has proven instrumental in building strong internal and external relationships critical towards resolving complex issues within public and private organizations. 


My experience of serving in the public sector for over 27 years demonstrated to me the value that organizations serving a public mission provide towards helping to transform the success of individuals and communities. I want to continue to be instrumental in helping organizations to achieve their goals of positively changing lives…thereby changing the world."



Organizations and institutions particularly those operating in the public sector are operating in an environment where the challenges are complex, there are fewer clear and straightforward answers to problems and situations, and decisions might be more effective for organizations if they are developed in different shades of grey.


Executive leaders in this new paradigm have to navigate not only the complexity of this changing landscape, but also respond to the demands of the role while remaining accountable to an array of stakeholders. In addition, they need to be the external face of the organization or institution while also serving as an ambassador and primary advocate for building and nurturing the internal relationships needed to move the organization or institutional agenda forward. 


Therefore, the need and demand for executive level advising, coaching, honing and strengthening of leadership skills, executive level decision-making guidance, innovative community engagement platforms, expert analysis of complex political and social landscapes, building of collaborative partnerships, and the inclusion of emotional intelligence to assist executive level leaders during various phases of their leadership and administrative responsibilities is a valuable resource and service that experienced consultants can provide.

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